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Listen to the Possum ROAD COUNT on the Tim White Bluegrass Show.
 Here is a list of STATIOns 
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Anyone can report a  possum sighting or story! Go ahead, try it out...
Make sure you tell us where you saw your possum!
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Possum Pic of the Week

Possum Pic of the Week

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"We welcome you to the new Possum Spotter Club!"

Tim White invites you to become a member of the Possum Spotter Club where you can share stories and photos of possum encounters! He features a segment on his syndicated radio show called "The Possum Report" where he announces possum sightings which may or may not have been known to predict the weather. 

"I saw a possum, now what do I do?"

It's real easy to be a possum spotter. All you have to do is keep an eye out for possums, dead or alive.


If you see a possum:


• Report it through the form. Include your name, email and other information like where you saw your possum or how much you think it might weigh. Include a story if you can!

Possum reports will be read on the radio by Tim White during his "Possum Road Count" segment. 

To find a station near you please see this list.


• Take a picture or capture video (carefully if it's alive) and post it to our Facebook page or on your Instagram account with the hashtag #possumspotter. Your possum picture will be displayed on this site AND will be entered to win prizes if you have the best one!


Get a membership card and additional gifts when you purchase an Official Possum Spotter Membership! 

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