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The Possum Spotter Club

Join me in these great endeavors!

I urge each of you viewing and listening to support and engage in the following events, organizations and noble causes:

Song of the Mountains - Award Winning Television Series

January 03, 2023

 Song of the Mountains® showcases the best talents in Bluegrass Americanaand Old-time music. An Award-winning public television series showcasingmusic, musicians, musical heritage and culture of the Southern Appalachians!

The VW Boys

January 01, 2020

The VW Boys is an idea shared by Tim White and Dave Vaught. Veterans of the entertainment world, Tim and Dave have combined their talents along with another friend, Fat Albert Blackburn to put together a show that appeals to all age groups. Children, teenagers, young and middle age adults as well as senior adults love the VW Boys !t interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Appalachian Cultural Music Association

February 23, 2023

The Appalachian Cultural Music Association (ACMA) was formed to promote and perpetuate the music of the Southern Appalachian Region. The ACMA is based in Bristol, VA-TN, the official “Birthplace of Country Music”. Our mission statement is:“To preserve and promote bluegrass, old time, gospel, classic country, and Appalachian style music and provide education through jam sessions, instructional workshops, concerts, community festivals, and provide a music alternative to traditional school bands. To support the Pickin’ Porch, Song of the Mountains, Mountain Music Museum, the Carter Fold and other local venues of like ideas.”

The Pickin' Porch

May 28, 2023

What's better than being a couch potato? Going to the Pickin' Porch! Join us weekly on Mondays @ 7 at the Foundation Facility to hear local and out-of-town talent participate in a good foot-tapping time!

Mountain Music Museum

January 01, 2020

The Mountain Music Museum located at 626 State Street, Bristol Tennessee, is dedicated to preserving the legacies of the many great men and women who helped create and promote the wonderful music that we all hold so dear. There are dozens of interesting displays featuring one-of-kind vintage photographs, musical instruments, LP recordings, authentic stage attire and much, much more. The museum even has on display the actual Coca-Cola cooler that A.P. Carter used in his small grocery store after his retirement from the music business!

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Tim White with the Marion Mural
Marion Mural @ day
Marion Mural @ night
Tim White jams with Myrtle Manor folks 5-2013 (1).JPG
Tim White with Gus-Myrtle Manor 5-2013.JPG
Tim White at Myrtle Manor 5-2013 (4).JPG
Tim White at Myrtle Manor 5-2013 (2).JPG
Tim White at Myrtle Manor 5-2013 (1).JPG
Tim White at Myrtle Manor 5-2013.JPG
Tim White jams with Myrtle Manor folks 5-2013.JPG
Tim White w-Gina & Roy-Myrtle Manor 5-2013.JPG
VW Boys at Mayberry Comes to Westminster, SC 4-16-11 (15).JPG
Service Dog ar Mayberry Comes to Westminster-VW Boys concert 4-16-11 (3).JPG
VW Boys at Mayberry Comes to Westminster, SC 4-16-11 (25).JPG
VW Boys at Mayberry Comes to Westminster, SC 4-16-11 (12).JPG
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Tim White with the Marion Mural

Tim White stands in front of the Marion, VA Mural.